IODA World Conference 2018 

13-15 September / Istanbul @ Turkey

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 Re-Birth of Balance

Designing the life and work for the new world

Our  speakers

· Alette Vonk - De Vonk / Hofstede Insights

Intercultural Challenges

· Ali Erhan Yılmaz / Mindful Academy


· Altuğ Örnek - Align Consultancy

Resilient by Design

· Ann L. Clancy - Clancy Consultants, Inc.

Balance - Embodied Presence and Inspired Action: Coaching for Greater Internal Coherence and Context

· Bager Akbay


· Daniele Joudene - Adidas Group Germany

Culture - Equally Driven – Performance & Culture

· Didem Gürcüoğlu Tekay – Management Center Turkiye

Grow Yourself, Grow Your People, Grow Your Organization

· Ebru Ölçer – IODA Türkiye

Culture – How will the Culture of the Organizations Change?

· Ecmel Ayral - Bilgi University - Unlearn Academy

Sustained Uncertainty

Back to Basics - Un-Learning Experience

· Eser Ömeroğlu – Moderated by President of ICF

Future Leaders

· Evrim Tankuş Hakyemez – MaMeMe

Future of Capital – The New Models of Making Money

· Hakan Elbir – Dialogue Museum

Social Experience – Dialogue in the Dark

· Kılıç Arslantürk - Son Okul

Back to Basics – New Discipline of Success

· Linda S. Myers – WorldWisePartners

Organization Development in a Confucian Culture: A Work-Life Balancing Act

· Müjde Esin – KızCode

Social Entrepreneurship for a Better Future: Kızcode

· Özlem Erten - Executive & Relationship Systems Coach

The bread is at the tummy of technology!

· Pınar Yücealp – IBM Development

Digital Transformation and Organizations

· Rami Ben-Yshai, Ph. D - Synergy Center

Culture Creating Synergy Over Diverse Cultures

· Rho Sandberg - Global Coaching Institute / CLE Consulting Australia

Resilience - Understanding Your Life Myth Workshop

· Sami Bugay- ICF

Organizational Values

· Sibel Karamaraş - NAR Training and Consultancy

Organizational Values - Protect Your Values!

· Stef Kuypers – Happonomy

Future of Capital - Man Made Money

· Tamer Dövücü 

Balance - Optimum Balance Model

· Tolga Acarlı - Consulta Management Consultancy

Future KPI’s

. Yavuz Elkin- Denizbank

New Captains Club

· Yelda Gürbüz Erdoğan – Lego Serious Play


IODA World Conference 2018 

... will bring the HR and organizational development industry together with the game changers, the individuals who are shaping the industry; the legends, those who defined best practices; and the practitioners, you—the lifeblood of this profession!

This conference will be an experience you won’t want to miss!