IODA World Conference 2018 

13-15 September / Istanbul @ Turkey

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 Re-Birth of Balance

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Human Interaction Laboratory: IODA Pre-conference 
A four day HI Lab 
 8 – 11 September 2018, Holiday Inn Şişli, Istanbul Turkey 
he International Organization Development Association (IODA) invites you to experience the NTL Institute Human Interaction Laboratory at a special IODA tuition rate. This pre-conference event is the impactful learning laboratory which is foundational to the understanding and practice of organization development. 
The Human Interaction Laboratory (HI Lab) is an immersion into inter-personal relations and group dynamics. The process of feedback helps participants understand how their own behavior appears to others and how it affects them. After the HI Lab participants will be able to communicate more effectively with co-workers, colleagues, clients and family members. The HI Lab of today is as impactful - even life-changing - as it was over 60 years ago. 
Give yourself an opportunity to participate in a Human Interaction Laboratory. The community learning sessions will give you fresh lenses through which you will see yourself and others. The intensive training groups - T-Groups - will be filled with impactful interactions with group mates which are focused upon the present. Join a wide variety of people from different backgrounds including finance, technology, manufacturing, health, energy, government, international and religious organizations in a HI training group. The diversity of experience and viewpoints provides a microcosm in which each participant is given the opportunity to experience and contribute to an incredibly rich learning environment. 

Course tuition $1,760 US (about 1,500 Euro).  


Couse registration via NTL website:

Registration Human Interaction Laboratory: 

Travel and accommodations are not included. All participants are required to reserve their accommodations at the Pre-Conference Venue, Holiday Inn Şişli, Istanbul Turkey. 

For inquiries on the HI Lab contact:  
James Smith (host) 
Brenda Jones (facilitator) 
Ann-Christin Berger (co-organizer) 

For hotel bookings, airport transfers and any other logistical requirements contact:   
Holiday Inn Şişli, Istanbul Turkey. 
Duygu Bayindir  
Halaskargazi Cad. 19, Mayıs Mah.  

No: 206 34360 Şişli, İstanbul 
Phone +90 212 373 3800 - 6205  Fax +90 212 233 5944   Mobile +90 532 304 69 86  

IODA World Conference 2018 

... will bring the HR and organizational development industry together with the game changers, the individuals who are shaping the industry; the legends, those who defined best practices; and the practitioners, you—the lifeblood of this profession!

This conference will be an experience you won’t want to miss!